Rogue Chickens

Our chickens lay their eggs in an egg box. Typically the girls take turns using the box, and sometimes two or more will occupy the box at the same time as seen in this picture. Every once in a while we will find an egg in the bottom of the coop. We assume that this a result of a real urgency to lay and no where to go.

And then we have the rogue chickens …………. These hens lay outside of the coop enclosure. In the photo below it is apparent they have been using this nesting site for some time. The nest was discovered while we were working in the garden and we could hear this low little cackle coming from the brush.
It is hard to believe these eggs weren’t discovered by a sharp eyed crow or raccoon.




2 thoughts on “Rogue Chickens

  1. It is interesting now that we have a rooster. We have found clutches of eggs before, but those weren’t fertilized eggs. Maybe one day we’ll be greeted by little peepers coming out of the bushes!

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